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wild_dreamer ([personal profile] wild_dreamer) wrote2011-07-18 09:41 am

Can't go home in the middle of the Magic Carpet ride...

It's that time of year again! It's my birthday, and it's time to make my last minute scramble to get my car fixed up, my bills paid off, and make sure I have enough money to feed myself and my car in order to make it to Black Rock City and back again in one happy piece.

So here's the deal. I'm a writer, I'm a beta-reader, I'm a doer of yardwork and things (if you're localish), I'm a taker of photography (especially once I get my new dust- freeze- drop- water-proof camera from my dearest Beloved for my birthday) and a pretty decent model with a friend who is even better than I at the photographings (there's some beautiful photos of me coming as soon as he finds his SD reader), I am a knitter of simple things, I am willing to make an effort and work in some fashion for your love and money.

I'm not asking for a freebies or straight-up donations, though I certainly won't complain if I get them. I am asking for you to be willing to trade my time and my amazing skills for a little bit of your money. Plus? It is my birthday, so I don't feel so bad about giving those of you who don't already know I'm not one for material gifts a chance to make a difference.

Click the button. Choose your amount. Leave me a comment, either through the donation form or right here on DreamWidth (if you're reading from LJ you'll have to come over here to comment; sorry darlings) as to what you want me to do in return. (The only restrictions are porn and sexual favors because that's against Paypal's terms of service and I have a very lovely fiance who would object.) I'll write for you, do yard work for you, send you pretty pictures of the desert and my adventures in it, I'll knit you a scarf or a pair of hand warmers; you decide.

Help me get to Burning Man again this year, and more than that: help me help others get there.

I'm the carpool car for at least one brilliant artist; hopefully two more amazing people from my area are coming along too. And if I get enough, I can send some on to a pair of dear friends who are having a rough financial year and have been doing some amazing things for people all year long without much return. I'd love to see Adam and Jese make it back to the Burn this year after all their hard work.

♥ Be amazing. Raise your karma. Make a difference.

Thank you, and I love you all whether you donate or not. ♥ ♥