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Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 03:25 pm
There's something satisfying to me about doing the mundane parenting things. Making a lunch, making after-school snacks... These are the reasons I used to crave parenthood. All the joys of a child, too, of course, but so many little things. Crumbs in my hair, and handfuls of soggy goldfish crackers in a toddler fist.

My job provides satisfaction in some of these things, in an unexpected way. I no longer crave these day to day pieces of motherhood, because I get enough of them at work. I get occasional random hugs from the kid I work with. I get Cheeto-covered fingers in my hair from time to time. I get to make a healthy after school snack and pick up the kiddo from the bus, I get to run bubble baths and make sure his hair gets washed. I get to handle the bedtime routine: wash face and hands, brush teeth, change into pajamas, tuck into bed. Now and then when his mom isn't available, I even get to read his bedtime story.

And I get to watch him interact with his family, too; I get to see the affection he gives to his mom and his brother, I see that affection in his interaction with me. I feel like part of the family, in a way; I feel like a temporary big sister to the boys at least. I'm a peer to the adults, friendly and yet mostly still professional. But I still feel welcome, accepted.

I like the work I do. :)


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