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wild_dreamer: (Default)
Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 03:25 pm
There's something satisfying to me about doing the mundane parenting things. Making a lunch, making after-school snacks... These are the reasons I used to crave parenthood. All the joys of a child, too, of course, but so many little things. Crumbs in my hair, and handfuls of soggy goldfish crackers in a toddler fist.

My job provides satisfaction in some of these things, in an unexpected way. I no longer crave these day to day pieces of motherhood, because I get enough of them at work. I get occasional random hugs from the kid I work with. I get Cheeto-covered fingers in my hair from time to time. I get to make a healthy after school snack and pick up the kiddo from the bus, I get to run bubble baths and make sure his hair gets washed. I get to handle the bedtime routine: wash face and hands, brush teeth, change into pajamas, tuck into bed. Now and then when his mom isn't available, I even get to read his bedtime story.

And I get to watch him interact with his family, too; I get to see the affection he gives to his mom and his brother, I see that affection in his interaction with me. I feel like part of the family, in a way; I feel like a temporary big sister to the boys at least. I'm a peer to the adults, friendly and yet mostly still professional. But I still feel welcome, accepted.

I like the work I do. :)
wild_dreamer: (Hatori/Shigure - thoughtful)
Thursday, October 1st, 2015 05:38 pm
Today was another productive day. :)

I got up, made breakfast for myself and my husband, drove him to school in time for his ASL class (we thought he might be late, and practiced the ASL for "my woman made morning food" so he could make his excuse if he was), and tottered over to snuggle my boyfriend for a couple of hours until I had to pick up Hubby from his class again.

Snuggled, chatted, enjoyed the company. Stopped by the food bank to see if they had potatoes in the lobby on my way to get Hubby; got plums instead. Went grocery shopping with Hubby, got a decent amount of things for $30 and we were silly and danced and snuggled and laughed and the cashier told us we were cute together. I missed those days; I'm super glad to have them again.

Got home to find the part I ordered to fix my old iPod had arrived, along with a box of super cheap toys I had forgotten I ordered; that was a nice surprise. I fixed the iPod and finished prepping dinner to go into the crockpot; we will have delicious curry tonight! It feels like such an accomplishment.

And all of this before I had to go to work at 2, so now I'm chilling around at work enjoying the company of my client and his family. Life is pretty good. :)