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wild_dreamer: (Hatori/Shigure - thoughtful)
Thursday, October 1st, 2015 05:38 pm
Today was another productive day. :)

I got up, made breakfast for myself and my husband, drove him to school in time for his ASL class (we thought he might be late, and practiced the ASL for "my woman made morning food" so he could make his excuse if he was), and tottered over to snuggle my boyfriend for a couple of hours until I had to pick up Hubby from his class again.

Snuggled, chatted, enjoyed the company. Stopped by the food bank to see if they had potatoes in the lobby on my way to get Hubby; got plums instead. Went grocery shopping with Hubby, got a decent amount of things for $30 and we were silly and danced and snuggled and laughed and the cashier told us we were cute together. I missed those days; I'm super glad to have them again.

Got home to find the part I ordered to fix my old iPod had arrived, along with a box of super cheap toys I had forgotten I ordered; that was a nice surprise. I fixed the iPod and finished prepping dinner to go into the crockpot; we will have delicious curry tonight! It feels like such an accomplishment.

And all of this before I had to go to work at 2, so now I'm chilling around at work enjoying the company of my client and his family. Life is pretty good. :)
wild_dreamer: (SPN - cute!Jensen)
Friday, September 18th, 2015 11:50 pm
It's curious how invisible illness changes the way you see the world.

Depression, for one; how many things has it taken?

Pain; just as many.

Today, though.

I got off work, went to my boyfriend's apartment (dubbed "Bachelor House 2.0"; if someone ever asks about the original I'll be glad to share the story), played video games, and smoked.

Last night, one of the roommates (who also happens to be another of my occasional partners) finally got around to doing a mega-clean of the breakfast bar counter in their kitchen; This morning I hugged him and thanked him, this evening I cooked up some acorn squash like sweet potato, full of butter and brown sugar and cinnamon. I cleaned up after myself.

I did a project I've been meaning to do at BH2.0 ever since the slow unfuckening of the place was started by the Pat: I cleaned out a candle jar that had burned up and turned it into a pen-cup for the errant wandering implements that lurk upon flat surfaces.

Conclusion: cleaner surroundings motivate me to keep them that way, and work in bite-size pieces on what still needs done.

Also: stepping on a piece of squash peel that's fallen on the floor hurts strangely when you have a chronic pain issue. =/

Also also: I think I'm gonna start implementing more of that "do it for your future self" mentality, because I appreciate some of the things my past self has been doing for me lately, whether intentionally or not. XD