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wild_dreamer: (Utena - revolution)
Saturday, August 27th, 2011 09:59 am
And here it is again, time for me to leave for Burning Man, for my second year. It's almost hard to believe it's happening, and I'm certain I'm going to leave something important behind, but at least I know what the heck I'm doing this year. :D

It's time for all the last-minute packing, the scramble and the excitement ramping slowly up. I've been looking forward to Burning Man for months, it seems like I won't really be excited for it until I'm well on the road, well on my way there, and it kicks in: "I'm going to Burning Man! I'm going Home!" I'm looking forward to breathing, eating, drinking, and wearing the lovely dust of the playa again.

There's the excitement. Slowly building. Yessssss.

I'll be twittering my progress again this year on the drive, so everyone knows I made it safely into the dust. aWildDreamer is my Twitter username, for anyone who doesn't know; I think it should be posting to my journal regularly and I know for sure it's hooked to my facebook, but you can read the feed directly here at any time.

I'm going to Burning Man! :D

Time to go finish packing so I can leave on time. *grin*
wild_dreamer: (SPN - cute!Jensen)
Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 06:23 pm
Burning Man was the most amazing experience I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

When I finally reached the front gate, after picking up my ticket from will call and sitting through what seemed like crazy amounts of dust being blown around (and coating the inside of my car; PuddleJumper will never be quite the same again), I was greeted by a cute, curvy woman. She handed me a booklet and a map, gave me a big smile, and asked if this was my first year.

Surprised by my answer, but pleasantly so, she demanded that I get out of my car, give her a great big hug, and roll in the dust. "Don't be afraid of it. Get dirty, get dusty. The playa is everything, out here. You will breathe it, wear it, eat it, and learn to love it."

And before I got back into my car to go and find a place to set up camp, as the dust storm was kicking up again, she gave me another hug and a warm smile, and told me something I will never, ever forget. "Welcome home."

I had no idea just how true those words would resonate with me by the end of the week, but already they made me laugh and smile and thank her for the kindness. And the adventure was only just beginning. )
wild_dreamer: (Tinkerbell - won't grow up)
Saturday, July 18th, 2009 09:48 am
First, the less squee portion of the day: I have only just discovered that LoudTwitter broke back in June. Oops. So you guys who don't follow my twitter ( *cough* ) have not been getting the updates of my day-to-day life. Sadness!

And on to the AWESOME SQUEE OF AWESOME which I twittered about last night...

S00j gave me about a bajillion hugs and SANG ME A LITTLE TINY BIRTHDAY SONG when I went up to hug her, beloved tiny thing she is, and she left me so full of happy I could EXPLODE... and then! Kev proceeded to fluster me so well that I forgot to go say my goodbyes to S00j and Betsy before I left, simply by telling me I looked stunningly beautiful.




S00j is so much love in a little tiny package, and Kev is just amazing as well, and I... Gyah. Have no words for how amazing my night was.

I was covered, drenched even, in GLITTER and LOVE, sitting there with Packmentality and Jess, watching S00j and Betsy and Vixy and Tony (whose LJ I do not know, sorry!) all performing the most amazing Shindig I have ever seen.

If I were not planning on going out and drinking a lot with friends, I would probably be trying madly to find tickets to the Serenity screening tonight.

This is going to be the most wonderful birthday of my entire life. Happy, surrounded by friends and loved ones, having fun.

Heck.. this is going to be the best year of my life so far, and hopefully set the tone for the rest of my days. Happy and with everything going for me.


Zee, I miss you already. Hope you're having fun at your con!

Emily... get your ass out here already. I miss you, dammit. Same goes for Dan.

Alex. Call me! We never talk. =[ I miss my Twinneh!

OtherMomma... I hope I get to see you soon. I miss you, and all my PseudoSibs, and just everyone.

Anyone I missed... I love you guys too. Don't hesitate to call or text or email me, k? I'm bad at first contact!

And for everyone's benefit.. and
GO LISTEN. Go become fans of these wonderful, incredible people, and keep the music going! Donate, go to concerts, bestow love from a distance.. just check them out!

Much love, everyone! Time to go finish packing and get ready for my party. ;D

Calls and texts to wish me a happy day are always appreciated, and will be returned with much much love. <3
wild_dreamer: (that'll give you bees)
Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 01:14 pm
So I decided to get something useful accomplished today, and actually go through a few of my boxes and whatnot. Ended up choosing to sort my schoolwork box from High School (is it strange that suddenly that seems so very far away now?) and found a few precious gems of amusement therein. I don't know how I got away with some of the things I did as assignments, really, but the combination of practicality and imagination was certainly unmatched before or since. XD

In particular, I've found a few random doodles or phrases here and there, most of which I won't share because the doodles were connected to the randomness. However, there's one piece of paper that actually made me laugh out loud, in that "Dude, what the hell was I thinking, but that's funny.." sort of way.

It's labeled "Homework #10 - "Story Sketches" - 2-26-03" and there's only one item on the sheet. Directly copied, no corrections or changes made:

"1. Emily woke up hungry, but waited for French Toast to be ready, and got hungrier. She ate French Toast, and was no longer hungry. (French Toast wasn't so happy about being eaten, but that's a whole other story.)"

And here I sit, staring in a bemused fascination. What was the assignment, anyways? Where on earth did that come from? Yet it's so very me that I can't help but get a kick out of it. I felt a need to share it with y'all, as just one of those flashback moments to who I used to be, yanno?

Maybe I'll find more interesting things later. Better get back to work. *Grin.*
wild_dreamer: (xkcd - grown-up/ball pit)
Sunday, July 13th, 2008 11:03 am
...A rose.

He's freakin' allergic to flowers, as evidenced even Friday night at the [ profile] s00j show when someone tossed fresh flowers down in front of Sooj (we were in front, on the floor...) and he started getting all headache-and-eyewater until we left an hour later. But! he still bought me a rose yesterday.

For no reason at all.

Have I mentioned that I am MADLY IN LOVE right now?


Vixy ([ profile] vixyish) and Tony ([ profile] tfabris) are damn cool too. And Betsy ([ profile] stealthcello) is WIN on the cello, as always.

I could die of the happy going on right now. So much happy.

And then there's my birthday coming up and everything. I'm gonna beg off next Sunday from my boss so I get to go see Sooj again, at a bigger venue, with hopefully more of my darling people (KK, I'm making you come with if I go, and making you go if I can't. D< ) and just as much fun as always.

Srsly. Life is win right now.
wild_dreamer: (Default)
Thursday, May 29th, 2008 12:29 pm
Much is right in my world.

An evening spent relaxing does wonders, don't you think?

KK came and met me at work, spent a few hours curled in the corner conversing with me and a few of my customers even, and then took me home.

We went by the store, picked up things for dinner.

Came home, and we made a lovely steak dinner, with steamed broccoli and cheap betty crocker potatoes au gratin from a box. A glass of wine, cut with juice, for each of us.

And then we curled up on the couch and watched Treasure Planet until we fell asleep there, and stayed asleep there all night.

It was just... incredible. No stressing, no nothing. No worries about getting up this morning, because we both have the day off. No interruptions from 'Kaasan or the Child, as they're on a field trip this week. We've been listening to [ profile] s00j's music all morning. <3

My life seems to be settling into a comfortable happiness. Niisan is coming to visit soon (nine days! Eeeeeee!) and spending a whole ten days here, eight of which I have guaranteed off. It'll be incredibly fun to spend so much time with him, and we can wander around the city and just.. be. As well as laze about a bit together, have some fun in his hotel, and such like. x3

I've finally found someone who understands most clearly, who is truly an adult about the relationship we have, though how long that will last I'm unsure, but I do truly care.

I'll take every day as it comes. He loves me, and I... yes, I love him as well, though I've not the courage to say so to him. He smiles and is understanding, and speaks his mind more often than not. He is honest and sweet, and I am thoroughly twitterpated. He doesn't mind that I am open with my heart, that I love easily and many.

He makes me want to turn and run, sometimes, when he speaks his mind and says he's so enamored of me, says he doesn't want to let me go and will never want anyone but me. It makes me pull inside myself when I'd rather open up. It scares me, and makes me want to run away, hide my heart and not ever let anyone find me and who I truly am, not ever. Because I'm so afraid to hurt him later on, so scared to reach that point where my fear of commitment takes over and I trash everything out of a panicked, irrational fear.

I'm already seeing the edges of it, here. So I'll close my eyes and breathe, and take every day as it comes to me. Enjoy the time with him. Communicate my hopes, dreams, fears, open my heart to him the way he has opened his to me, and maybe learn to trust again.

Back to the happy, I have four days in a row off this weekend, and so KK and I are going to clean the kitchen and shower and then run around town today. We'll meet up with Kaiba-san and her boyfriend to wander the waterfront tomorrow, and possibly James when he's off work as well.

And then Saturday is a date day, James and I are going to the zoo together. x3

Sunday, I've no idea yet. Maybe just another day to relax before I work all of next week. We shall see.

I'm happier than I've been in a long, long time.
wild_dreamer: (b&w lost girl)
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 06:36 pm
It started as an introspective moment, and just kept going.

From lights to wheels on the road... )
wild_dreamer: (xkcd - grown-up/ball pit)
Monday, January 14th, 2008 02:39 pm
I think it might be a dangerous thing for me to read the books that go with Sooj's latest musics. "Solace and Sorrow" was a fascinating listen, and the readings were incredibly touching. "Solace" very nearly made me cry on the bus this morning at it's end.

She has such a powerful voice, in song and speech.

Sooj, you should totally offer to do full audio-book versions of The Orphan's Tales books. If you haven't already. xD Seriously, you would bring people to tears reading, even more so than simply their own reading of the words would do.

*Distracted by clicking a link on that led her to pictures of K firespinning.*

I'm just gonna go look at all of these now and then get back to work. x3

ETA: I was informed by my roomie (who was obviously paying more attention than I at the show) that Sooj possibly already is contracted to do the books. To which I say: ASDFGDJHLKJHGAHJKDKFJAFDHA DOO EET PLZ YES OMG! n_n;;
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Sunday, January 13th, 2008 11:16 am
Eeee~ I got to go see [ profile] s00j last night! SJ Tucker = ♥! I shall have a hat made by her very hands soon enough, and I bought two of her CDs last night.

I had almost forgotten just why I had such a huge crush on her and K. I have been thoroughly reminded. x3 Stunning, the both of them, and even more so together than apart. Also, Sooj has a most lovely voice. I was very much reminded of lovely talents like Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette, listening to her sing.

I was particularly stunned by a few songs, one or two of them really just caught me and drew me in. "Firebird's Child" in particular, which is made so much more powerful with a whole group singing, and with her beautiful, strong voice leading.

I do believe I may have found my faith again. I still want to research and find out more about other religions, and see if anything catches me... but sitting in that group, feeling that energy? That made me feel -right- again. Being with such a powerful group of people, feeling the energy raising during "Firebird's Child" and "Hymn to Herne" especially, it made me remember and feel a bit of that deep-rooted faith again.

So, thank you Sooj.

On to my next bit of squee: THE SUN!!! I SAWED IT! IT WUZ THER IN TEH SKIE!


Today was gorgeous and reasonably warm out, as was yesterday, and I am well pleased with it. I can only hope it continues to be so.

On the other hand, last night was too much energy work for my out-of-practice self, and now I have the worst magical hangover evah, and my uterus hurts besides. Dx I hate being a woman sometimes. T-T So I have ended up now curled up in the den with all of everyone else and their WoWing ways. And I ought to go make the can of OJ into drinkability and have some now.

*Skitters out, then.*